About us

We are certified guides, professional ski and bike bums really, who love real adventures with on a mountain bike or with ski´s, mountain boots, climbing shoes on our feet. Our vision is to equip you with the technical skills skills you need to have more fun and be safe out there whilst trail biking and ski touring.

Teamwork – our strength

We believe that every relationship is important and recognize that our strength lies in teamwork and commitment to each other. We also appreciate creativity, individuality and passion among ourselves.

Good risk management

In order to achieve most joy and least risk as possible, we work with patterns, which increase our chance to make good, and thought-through choices. Consequence reducing measures are of course part of it. This thinking is based on experience, expertise and an active lifestyle.

Group resources

We believe that the resources to cope with a situation are found within the group. We promote innovation and generosity within this learning process, harnessing the strength and knowledge of each group member to solve the task at hand.

Trip adaptability

We plan, conduct and adapt our trips to the skills and experience of our costumers. Participants should find the trip to be stimulating, not threatening. We are also dependent on the premises of the mountains, such as weather, snow conditions, avalanche danger etc.

Servant leadership

Changed lives is something we want to see. By listening actively, we obtain a better understanding and possibility to empower you to dare to go new ways. We believe that positive, ethical leaders can change the world. The backcountry provides the ideal setting for and unique, experiential education. We use this setting to create change, empowering people and communities.

Experienced and qualified guides

Safety and risk analysis are important and sometimes life-saving. All our guides are qualified to work in the outdoors, holding nationally and/or internationally recognized qualifications. Having great instructors really makes a difference, as mountaineering and teaching outdoor skills can put us in difficult places. This is why we are very selective when choosing our guides and continually improve our instruction methods. Our Northern base is the oldest outdoor company in area, thus providing a stack of experience and in-depth knowledge.

Anneke Lewis //

The Dutchie who is a snow & ski jedi, married to Morgan. IVSI Ski instructor, Avalanche Awareness Instructor (Alpine), Avalanche Observer ****, Glacier guide, MTB leader level 2, Sea Kayak Instructor 4 star, Telemark ski instructor level 1, Wilderness First Responder.

Morgan Lewis //

The English ski dude & bike rider, married to Anneke. ISIA Ski teacher level 4 Alpine & Telemark, MTB leader level 2, ISIA Ski guide, BASI Race coach, Mountain Bike Coach (level 3).

The Mountain Bike Coach (MBC) may guide and coach, on all cycle permitted areas or unmarked cycle trails, including multi day journeys, overseas, and skills parks, with a risk assessment. Terrain can be up to and including Severe but must not be defined as mountainous or remote unless technically proficient in that environment.


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