The mental game we play

The other day we came home from a ride in Hafjell bike park, both more or less injured. After someone else crashed into me, I found myself going out riding in a bad head space for some time, distracted and...

Stay warm and safe

After one of the hottest summers in Norway the cold and wet weather came as a shock. The other day we were out on a wet trail when I made a tumble on a tree that was hidden in long...

3 lessons to ride and live better

Lessons learned mountain biking can easily be applied to everyday life, and often what we learn on the trail reflects our actions off the trail, making us stronger, more determined and accepting of challenges. The last two seasons we have...

Explore the possibilities.


Powder & Dirt has its base right at the sweet spot for single track mountain biking, close to Skeikampen and Hafjell. We are professional ski-bums wintertime, whilst in the summer we shred the trails of southern and mid-Norway. You can find us in Jotunheimen, Stryn as well as in the mountain range of our back garden. 

Join us, exploring the opportunities, seeking out the challenges, and finding the road less travelled in south and mid-Norway. Ascend to ski down high mountains, get a greater understanding of mountain safety, bike the many trails or bring your technical skills up to a higher level.

The backcountry is an ideal setting for a unique, experiential education

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and allows the freedom to truly learn, and put into practice, many useful lessons.

On our courses we focus on techniques that will make you a better skier, mountain biker and will sharpen your mountain safety skills.

Having great instructors really makes a difference, as mountaineering and teaching outdoor skills can be difficult. This is why we take pride in our qualifications and continually improve our instruction methods.

Adventure is waiting. Whether it is on your holidays, on a weekend away, or in a training situation to better teamwork in your business, we have a unique skill set that we can offer and we desire to see those skills put to use.