Friflyt magazine once a year hold a gathering of outdoor enthusiasts for a three day festival. The festival is set in the scenic valley below stryn sommerski center at the legendary Folven camping. Over the weekend there are many activities to chose from: skiing/boarding, trail biking, kayaking, paragliding, hiking rafting and so many more!! Finishing with the mother of all mountain parties, with revelers still going strong at 6am.

On the road bound for Stryn

This year Powder and Dirt were given the chance to show case our product at the festival. As you can imagine we were very excited at this prospect. After months of planning Powder and Dirt has gone from an idea of a side project of our sister company (Rocks & Rivers) to a reality. So with a mad rush to get everything together and organized we were on the road bound for Stryn.

For this year’s festival we decided to put up a two day MTB skills clinic open to all levels of riders, as well as bike rentals and an evening shuttling service for riders.

Day 1

The first day started of with pre-ride bike checks! Amazingly this is something few people do that could save them so much time and problems out on the trail. We then focused on balance and riding positions with some fun games and activities. Then it was off to the trails to put these skills to good use. The day was hot and dry and so were the trails! With some punctures and gear issues this gave us the perfect opportunity to go through some trail side repairs. This is something that we focus on in most of our clinics giving the rider the knowledge to fix a multitude of problems out on the trail or at home potentially saving them money.
After a brief lunch by the side of a beautiful waterfall it was off for more shredding. The afternoon focused on individual skills and tips. Then back to the camp for the traditional after-bike ice cream and a well earned beer.

Day 2

The second day saw us taking a drive down the road to the town of Stryn. The focus of the day was navigation and technical riding. The mountain Gryta overlooking Stryn did not disappoint. After some great navigating by the participants and a hard slog to the top we were rewarded with an epic descent. Everybody got down on two wheels wearing massive grins!! After post-ride ice creams and washing down the bikes it was time for the party to start…

Powder and Dirt would like to give a big thanks to all the participants for two great days of enjoyable riding. Also a massive shout out to the guys at FriFlyt for inviting us, as well as Folven camping for being amazing hosts. We can’t wait for next year’s event.

Our next event… Girls Ride, MTB camp!

Now it’s time for us to prepare for our next event “Girls ride” MTB camp!!! This is to be held back in Stryn at Folven again on the 6th-8th of July. This will be a skills clinic run for girls by girls in partnership with JBS sport (IXS sport, Spank, Evil bikes, Intense bikes and WTB) and promise’s to be a fun, relaxed and informative weekend in the company of some rad ladies.

Check out our Facebook event!

See you there…?